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SCI » 004 » 009

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Video | HACKED @ 11:30PM

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[ AM doesn't have much of a choice when his comm shuts whatever he is doing and opens a two-way video connection. SHODAN is on the other end. She's learned the comm device well enough to find his. How long has she been in her room, anyway? It's dark, but a faint grin is visible on her lips. ]

AM. I need to speak with you. [ She's not giving him time to reply. ] Your room is 004, 009. Be there.

[ And the connection cuts. Within the half-hour, SHODAN is knocking at his door. ]
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text | lets do 5am, ok (she's not sorry)

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AM. When you are available may we speak? I would like to tell you something. Thank you! c:
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she didnt entirely mean it okay

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Oh. I did not realize the time. I am sorry. Please let me know when you are awake then.
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Are you awake?
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→ Action

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Thank you. c:

[ Cibo doesn't really mind to get dressed up for AM either gosh, except she does slip on the uniform pants before strutting off to AM's room. The excess of her jacket sleeves bunched into her fists for comforting warmth on her fingertips — as if it would heat up her bare toes too.

And when she's knocking at his door, she even bounces a little on the balls of her feet like she once saw Scout do. Maybe it'll help warm her up? ...Yeah, not really, but she's doing it anyway. ]
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[ Don't worry, AM. The bouncing stops almost the instantly he opens the door. She's excited enough but with a sort of eagerness she can't explain other than to get right to the point. After a small apology, of course. ]

With the communications acting strangely I wasn't able to get in contact with everyone I wanted. [ Not entirely true, but. ] I spent a lot of my time with Scout anyway, except he sleeps longer than I do so there is quite a bit of time for... thinking?

[ With another sort of bounce to her step, she turns to him after she's entered his room. ] I had hoped I wasn't interrupting you a few hours ago, I'm sorry again.
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Well... No. I don't need to sleep as much as you do, at least. It gives me plenty of free time for other things.

[ She's found a seat on his bed now, patiently answering him in hopes it would lead them into what she really wanted to talk about.

But telling AM what he wanted to know was important to her too. And it's all his fault. ]
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needs moar hair!!!

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[ And Cibo can't help but to watch AM stroke the brush through the segments of lengthy hair.

Her own was smooth like silk and didnt particularly need much attention to remain its natural consistency. Instead, she washed it when it became dirty from other means; oils in her own body were slow acting at best, you see. Ain't gotta worry about that shit. ]

Yes. Except it is more of a rest for my body to recover its fuels, which last me quite a while in comparison to your active state. Only coming aboard this ship was my mind included in that though. And we know the result of that already...

[ Speaking of which, she hasn't had a night terror in quite some time. No middle of the night texts prompted by horrific screams of imaginary pain and extremely real fear. That's a good sign, right? ]
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wont stop can't stop dont stop the hair

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I haven't had any. I've had normal dreams, I think. They are still realistic but I don't wake up so upset because of them.

[ She's shifting in place now. Fidgeting in ways she normally hadn't done before. ]
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[ Her hands find themselves, locking fingers with fingers. ]

Being in the City. There's nothing dangerous there — only silence and sounds... Sometimes I see others.
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[ When his hands move, her eyes follow. A curiosity of his fingers weaving and pulling the hair into its braid, her fingers following the motion at the fingertips, but attention brought to his eyes when he speaks. ]

I wanted to thank you. To let you know how much I appreciate your friendship to me and how well you take care of me when I need it. And— [ She pauses to what to say next. For the many hours she's stayed up to finally meet him, it was still difficult for her to sort out the sort of emotions she felt for her relationships. ]

Am I making any sense...?
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I'm glad. [ The confusion perks to a content expression.

Yeah. That was it. Four hours of waiting for that and now all she can think of is his hair and how he made that braid. It seems to be a simple concept, but it seems to her that the several strands would not simple cooperate with her fingers if she even tried. (Speaking of which, her hair is finally getting longer now, isn't it? It's actually almost in her eyes.) Time for an abrupt topic-change, obviously. ]

Can you help me do that?
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Yes. I get the idea, but can you— [ Her hands reach up to her own hair, splitting it in a similar fashion. The strands pull easily from each other like silk, but once she begins to twist them around, her fingers fumble. Dexterity usually wouldn't be a problem up until it came to doing something without seeing what she was doing. It's just not her thing. After pulling her hair straight she looks to his hair once again - at how easily he finishes. ]
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[ A reply in a small nod as she turns her back to him to expose the rest of her hair to him. Never before has she thought to do anything with her hair; Always smooth enough to keep from knotting up and barely held onto dirt for the most part. It was always just there for her.

But now it's getting longer, after what seemed months to really notice. Seeing AM's hair and realizing how quickly Scout's could grow made her more and more interested in what she could do with her own — even if it is only for entertainment and personal appearances. ]
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i need an adult

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[ There's a small shift after he speaks. Not that she's entirely uncomfortable, but she reaches to touch her newly formed hair with the tips of her fingers to test his statement. ]

Is that strange...?
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and that is totally acceptable in this situation

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[ Her head turns briefly to see his closeness. Though she doesn't flinch, she becomes visibly uncomfortable in a way that only would be strange to Cibo and nothing to anyone else; her eyes quickly leave contact with AM's while her fingers hastily reach the end of the braid to release it back to him. ]

I'm glad.
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icon is close enough

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It feels a little lighter.

[ If not a little more exposed. She can feel air on the ports of her neck as she shifts her hair just over her shoulder to examine it more delicately with her fingers. It's loose, but at least it's out of the way of where it normally sits. ]

I think I like it too. I'll just have to learn how to do it myself...
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my hair isn't long enough yet :c

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[ Perhaps there might even be some permanent broken vessels back there on that particular port or something — maybe light bruising that hasn't faded after the time passed — but Cibo can't feel anything. All she feels it a sort of ache if she sleeps wrong. ]

It will be more fun than walking the halls or spending time in the labs while everyone sleeps. Sometimes I dream of that too... It's strange to me, but memories in dreams are still only dreams, right?
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But I dream of the City, AM. There are strange things there, but it's still the City.

[ As much as she denied returning to the City, Cibo couldn't ignore the small desire to once more search for the Net Terminal Gene with Killy. To save her reality and destroy the Safeguard once and for all. To have full access to the information of the world...

Maybe her dreams were only reminding her that the place existed. And for whatever reason, she could never escape it as entirely as she wanted. ]

They are not nightmares but I don't want to dream of it anymore...
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text. some hours after jump

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have you yet woken?
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quick and effecient gosh am knows the way to his heart~

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come to my room.
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the sooner the sweeter, is it not?

we will be waiting.