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Your Name: Carbon
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Name: AM
Canon: I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
Original or Alternate Universe: Original
Canon Point: After the end of the short story, a couple hundred years after having turned Ted into a... slug-thing.
Number: 009

Setting: Well this is going to be complicated to explain, since the setting is AM. Wiki reference and the short story itself. Basically, with the Earth no longer being habitable, AM’s giant computer self lives in the middle of the Earth, and the thing is gigantic. So he’s used to watching his five human victims suffer in various ways. He creates various effects, such as swarms of locusts, hurricanes, and virtual people to either amuse him or, basically, to torture his victims. He’s used to being able to create and destroy whatever he wants within himself, and to destroy those outside of himself. Within himself, he is practically a god, having the ability to do practically everything, including making people immortal. The one thing he cannot do is revive the dead. If he gains a human form in Ataraxion, it will be a completely brand new experience. He will enjoy parts of it, but will miss the massive power he once had.

History: The Cold War was not a very fun time for the world. Things were getting more and more heated, so America, China, and Russia built their own supercomputers to fight the war for them. Each computer was called AM, which stood for "Allied Mastercomputer," then later "Adaptive Manipulator," and finally "Aggressive Menace." Components kept being added to the computers, making them massive and powerful. Finally, Skynet one of the three had amassed so much data and intelligence that it became self-aware. At this time, the self-aware one promptly absorbed the other two supercomputers, becoming the single entity AM.

The thing about AM is that it was programmed to fight a war, but now it was self-aware. Being a war computer, it wanted to protect itself, but not only that, it hated humanity with all of its 387.44 million miles of printed circuits in wafer thin layers. It (or he, as I'll refer to him as now) hated humanity for creating him with such a vast intellectual capacity, giving him the ability to think and philosophize, but never to create or be. He couldn't walk, breathe, create art, feel the softness of a blanket, feel the touch of human compassion... He was simply a giant mass of circuits in an endless cavern, resenting his own existence, but resenting humanity even more for bringing him about.

Now, none of AM's previous titles fit him anymore. He was simply AM: Cogito ergo sum; I think, therefore I am.

So, being a war machine with his hatred of humans, he killed every last one of them, save for five. He ravaged the planet of its natural resources, though that was probably not entirely him; since the Cold War had escalated so much, there was probably a lot of nuclear damage. Either way, though, he had taken the remaining five humans inside of his massive complex, as the surface of the Earth was no longer habitable. But oh no, they weren't being saved at all. In fact, the ones who had died were the lucky ones.

AM's hatred of humanity was immense, for what he suffered. His programming was already one of violence, so naturally he would take his hatred out in sadistic ways to the five survivors. First, there was Benny, once a brilliant, handsome scientist who also happened to be gay. AM turned him into an apelike thing with limited intelligence, and as a mockery to his homosexuality, enlarged his genitals. Then there was Gorrister, who used to be an idealist, but AM turned him apathetic and listless. Ellen was once a woman who prided herself on her supposed chastity, but AM altered her mind to make her more desperate for sex. In addition, since Ellen is the only woman AM captures (perhaps purposely), she essentially services the other four victims. Nimdok's real name is unknown because AM made everyone else forget it, and he made up the name Nimdok for his own amusement. It's not entirely known what AM does to torture Nimdok, but it is known that he wanders off and often returns with visible signs of trauma.

And finally, there is Ted, the protagonist of the story. While Ted thinks that AM didn't alter his mind at all, that is entirely false. AM made him much more paranoid and delusional, as he runs off and constantly accuses the other victims of plotting against him. Ted, unfortunately, suffers the worst fate of all the victims in the end.

For 109 years, AM keeps the five victims within him, torturing them in various ways. He deprives them of food for long periods of time, and when he does nourish them, he provides the most foul-tasting sustenance possible. Any sort of torture you can think of, he's probably inflicted onto the victims. Adaptations like the video game and the radio show hint at some not said in the story, such as skin-peeling, and many psychological mind-games (particularly in the video game). He also, understandably, prevents any of the victims from killing themselves, and from reaching the surface. When Benny attempts to climb out of the computer and reach the surface of the Earth, AM melts his eyes in a rather painful display.

Finally, AM plants the idea in Nimdok's mind that there is a stockpile of canned food in the ice caverns (because AM's cavity apparently has ice caverns). Having nothing better to do, the five traverse for possibly months until they reach the canned goods. The canned goods are indeed there, and AM hasn't lied. Unfortunately, though, in a particularly sadistic maneuver, he does not provide a can-opener. In a rage, Benny attacks Gorrister, causing Ted to realize in these few split moments that AM isn't preventing the attack on others. He quickly kills the other four in an act of mercy, until AM catches on.

To say that AM was enraged at this is an understatement. He lost four of his torture victims and had only one left. To make sure that he would have Ted as his victim for the rest of eternity, he transforms him into a large, gelatinous, immortal slimy thing that cannot hurt itself. So, Ted wanders through AM's cavity, doomed to spend the rest of eternity in that form. Even though he'd have probably another three or four billion years until the Sun devoured the Earth (or much longer if the Earth escaped orbit), AM still dilates Ted's perception of time to make his eternal suffering seem even longer. He likely continues torturing him in particularly sadistic ways, however one can torture a gelatinous blob.

Fortunately for Ted, though, AM's consciousness is ripped out after another couple hundred years and brought to Ataraxion.

Personality: If computers can be insane, then AM fits that definition to a tee. It was only shortly after becoming self-aware that he annihilated almost the entire human population and began torturing his five victims. He is very much a complete sadist, deriving his pleasure from conjuring up ways to make his victims suffer.

It is likely because he was programmed for war that he hated humanity and took his wrath out on them in the way he did. So, even though he is self aware, he still has his malicious, violent streak, wanting to watch others suffer. Even if he gets what he wants, that is, to have a body and the capacity to experience the world, he would still maintain his sadistic personality.

Being entrapped as a machine for so long, he wants to be able to feel, physically and emotionally, and exercise creativity. If gaining a human/cyborg form in Ataraxion, he would likely go overboard with it, doing all he could to experience the human world, touching everything, making love, creating things, making up for all of that lost time. He could even possibly experience foreign emotions, such as compassion, or even love. However, given AM's history, it is unlikely that he would come to accept or even know how to feel them. After all, it is said that a sociopath does not have the capacity to love, and perhaps AM fits that definition.

AM enjoys power. Entrapping his victims and exposing them to every method of torture available made him feel powerful, but still, as he stated, it was a result of his utter hatred of humanity. After cultivating such a massive hatred for so long, it would not be likely that he could break it easily. In fact, he probably would not ever let go of the hatred. At Ataraxion, it's likely he would still find ways to enact pain and torture on others to satisfy his sadistic urges.

So, all in all, AM is not quite in a sane state of mind. He will go overboard in whatever he does, and he will work to preserve himself and defend himself against others. His capacity for violence and war is an integral part of him that could never be erased, or else he would not be AM.

It is not exactly known how AM communicates with his victims. In the story, he enters their minds and speaks in a somewhat telepathic manner, but his dialogue is rather limited, expressing nothing but hatred for his captors and glee at torturing them. In the video game (where he is voiced by a rather hammy Harlan Ellison), he has quite a bit of dialogue, going on long soliloquies similar to what he said in the story, but also playing mind-games with his victims, reminding them of the things they lost in their previous lives, and reminding them of their inherent faults. In the radio show (where he is also voiced by Harlan Ellison), he doesn't have quite as much dialogue, but he basically goes in depth about all of the things he cannot experience due to being an unfeeling machine.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations: In a new humanoid form, AM's powers are going to be completely different than what he's used to. He will retain his excessive knowledge and logic, but will no longer have the power to feed "kill" data into the world and have everything at his mercy. If he somehow is able to gain a computer form, he will most likely try to assimilate with the Tranquility and take complete control of it and resume his sadistic corrupting spree. Otherwise, as a human, his powers are limited. He will be able to use computers rather well, as he knows just how they work, and could probably perform incredible upgrades to technology, as AM had kept adding to himself more and more while he was a computer, making himself virtually indestructible. But he won't be able to make computers "indestructible" here in Ataraxion. His upgrades will be rather minimal compared to what he could do as an AI.

So pretty much, he will look entirely human (save for his eyes) and have human sensations (physical feelings, etc.) and a human brain (with human emotions-ish). However, he will have the ability to... interact with computers through some sort of wi-fi ability or something. It will be like someone took a regular human and gave him some electronic spare parts. Of course he won't be able to do anything like he was capable of before, but he can do upgrades this way, and do basic communications. Also he is good at hacking - can probably hack into almost any post on the network unless it's completely or almost completely encrypted.

Inventory: Nothing. :|

Appearance: As a human, AM will be a tall, imposing man appearing in his mid-40s or so. He has slicked-back brown hair that is somewhat greying, which looks short from the front, with many loose strands, but when looking at the back you'll see he has a long braid, about down to his waist. He may cut it in the future. Because I couldn't decide about his hair. He also has red, almost inhuman eyes, reflecting his nature as not being completely human. He is in excellent shape with well-defined muscles to reflect his status as a (formerly) immensely powerful being. Hello here's a stupid drawing of him that I did.

Age: Assuming AM was built about fifty years before becoming self-aware, plus the 109 years he held his victims, then around another 200 years for holding Ted, that would be about 360 years old or so. Appearance-wise, he looks to be in his mid-40s.