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In Ryslig, AM inhabits a humanoid body. Before becoming a monster in Ryslig, this is his appearance.

Height: AM is really tall in his human form. I gave him a height of around 6'6".

Build: He's rather muscular. Not like, a body builder or anything, but if you saw him without clothes, there would be considerable definition. He also usually has a stiff posture.

Age: His true age is centuries old, but in a human form, he looks to be in his late 40s or so. Maybe older.

Eyes: They are red and usually fierce-looking.

Hair: It's chestnut-brown with a few greying spots. It's rather long, down to somewhere between his waist and hips or so, but he almost always keeps it braided behind him. It's also very layered, so he usually has many loose strands that extend a little past his jawline.

Face: It's somewhat angular to a degree. A few age-appropriate wrinkles. He also looks a bit scary when he gives a psychotic smile. Large, full lips.

Clothes: Somewhat casual, usually. Military jacket.

(All art done by me (Carbon) unless otherwise noted)

Larger version
Version without underwear - NSFW for nudity

Sketches - Very old