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AM ([personal profile] godofthemachine) wrote2012-10-12 09:00 pm



Right now, AM currently possesses the following things:

At least 2 (two) sets of the Tranquility uniform, including the shoes, pajamas, and swimsuit.
2 (two) black bands to keep his hair tied back - they likely came with the uniform.
5 (five) cattle prods, obtained from the planet Strela.
1 (one) dagger, kept in a sheath, found sometime on the ship.
1 (one) pair of small silver hoop earrings, usually being worn.
1 (one) hairbrush, obtained on the ship.
Various jewelry items obtained from Strela.
Various makeup items obtained from Strela.
Several sheets of paper and several pens and pencils to write with.
Various research documents from the science lab.
Various small medical supplies stolen from the medical bay.