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Ryslig Information


PreviousHuman to arachne | 06/15 - 04/17
1st changeFrom arachne to human | 05/01/2017
2nd changeFeet turn to hooves, teeth sharpen and claws grow | 05/18/2017
3rd changeScales and shoulder spikes start appearing | Early June
4th changeCharcoal skin, complete demon form minus wings | 06/15/2017
5th changeWings appear | 07/02/2017
coins current: 265 | spent: 20

AM was an arachne in Ryslig from June 2015 through the end of April 2017. His traits were then resorted and he was changed to a demon at the beginning of May 2017. For his appearance and chronicles as an arachne, click here. AM is going though the standard human-to-demon changes at the moment.